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Andrew and I both come from the medical field. I know, an unlikely duo to be firing up your pizza. But rooted in that background is our passion for serving others. We’ve had this ongoing dream of building something related to our love for entertaining and food. That initial thought was a brewery & bar concept. And so we tried and failed and failed and tried at that. After one too many embarrassing attempts at brewing beer, we agreed we still had a love for the space, but started to consider what else we could create that we were actually good at. Dude, pizza.

Dough Dudes was born out of a happy accident. In 2018, on a whim, we decided to order a cheap oven online to make fresh pizzas for a friend's birthday. The pizzas ended up being an absolute hit, with everyone suggesting our experimental flavors were good enough to sell to the public. Riding off that high, we took our pizza obsession to the next level. For over 3 months we meticulously tested dough recipes experimenting with different flours, hydrations, and yeasts, the critical building blocks for pizza.

We had our first opportunity to cater a wedding, and shortly after, popped up at Escape Craft Brewing in Redlands. Interest started growing and we started appearing at different locations across the Inland Empire. That momentum came to an abrupt halt with the onset of the  pandemic. We rode that wave of uncertainty and  are lucky to have come out the other side with the support of you all. It’s been quite the journey but our commitment to continue doing what we love and bringing you the best pizza has been unwavering through this all.

These days, you can find us popping up at local breweries and tap houses. Come say hi, try a pie, and become part of the family.





Every time we make a pie, it's not about the region, we just do Dough Dudes.



Haven City Market | West Covina

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